Grants for the recruitment of postdoctoral researchers UdG
(POSTDOC - UdG2021)


This form will be active from February 24 until March 17 2021 at 14 h, at which time neither modifications nor submission will be allowed.

Once the applicant identifies him/herself for the first time, the draft form will be saved and can be retrieved, modified and/or extended at any time within the above period.

It is important that, if modifications are made, the application is validated and submitted again, up to the last screen. Changes not validated, submitted and signed will not be taken into consideration.

Once the form has been completed and submitted:

  1. The applicant must:
    • Sign the generated pdf
    • Collect the signature of the tutor
  2. The application signed by both parties must be submitted through the registry within the application deadline.
    • If the signatures are all electronic, it must be submitted through the UdG electronic register.
    • If the signatures are all manual, it must be submitted through a UdG registry office, a diplomatic representation, a Spanish consular office abroad or any of the places established in art. 16.4 of Law 39/2015, of 1 October, on the common administrative procedure of public administrations. (It may be submitted by a person other than the applicant).

If more than one application is submitted, only the last one will be taken into consideration.